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9 "Must-Haves" in Your Bag When Traveling to Pride Festivals

Photo by Kellen Riggin on Unsplash

Historically, the month of June marks the season for Pride festivals and parades around the country and around the world. With each new year, new cities are creating their own Pride festivals. For some, they attend their local Pride festival, but there are others that hop on planes to travel the globe and attend Pride festivities near and far. No matter if you are traveling for Pride, or if you are simply taking a vacation this summer, here are 9 essentials things you want to have in your carry-on bag:

1. Wet Wipes

Today, hand sanitizer is everywhere, and if you're someone who doesn't regularly use it, you should when you travel. The airports and airplanes are crowded with thousands of people each day, and the last thing you want to catch is a bug before you enjoy your time away. To ward off any unwanted germs or viruses, regularly washing your hands and following with hand sanitizer is recommended. However, a bottle of hand sanitizer will be considered a liquid in your personal carry-on, it is suggested to buy packets of wet wipes like these on Amazon. Use to sanitize your hands, or wipe the remaining glitter from your face. Just open up the packet, use as many as you need, and then easily reseal to pop back in your bag.

2. Gallon-Sized Plastic Bag

Now, this seems a bit odd, right? However, this one tiny item that takes up almost zero room in your bag could be a life saver if you ever need it. Accidents happen, right? And they always seem to happen when you least expect them. Let's say the passenger next to you spills their drink on your leg soaking your sock. You can remove both socks and put them in your Ziploc for transport. Anything that is wet or damp (or smelly) that you want to keep out of contact with other items, put it in a Ziploc bag. And the ones with the easy slider like these are a must. Let's hope you don't need it because you partied too hard celebrating Pride, but what a lifesaver if you do!

3. Wireless Headphones

Photo by Larry George II on Unsplash

Spend a little, or spend a lot, but you'll be glad you can tune out other passengers without fumbling over wires while jamming to your Pride-prep tunes. Using wireless headphones frees up your hands from having to work around wires from your device to your headphones. Once you go wireless, you'll never want to go back. You can spend as little as $30 for in-ear headphones like these from Aukey that you can designate as your travel headphones, or you can go big with noice cancelling over-the-ear hummers that can be worth the splurge if you're near load passengers. These from Bose are amazing and come with a travel case that fits right in your bag. Either way, don't forget to charge them before you go!

4. Lip Balm

So simple, but don't forget about keeping your lips moist! When you're on the go, you can forget to hydrate yourself. Additionally, the air on planes can also assist in this dehydration. Make sure to keep your lips moist and avoid grody chapped lips for your Instagrammable Pride moments. EOS now makes lip balm in the traditional style to better fit in your pocket, but it is suggested to keep it in your bag instead so you don't have to empty your pockets when going through security. We suggest their sweet mint. For additional flair if you're going to Pride, you might opt for some Glimmer Balm in shade Unicorn. On Fleek!

5. Travel Pillow

If you're travel is more than three hours or your flight is delayed, you'll be thankful if you have your own travel pillow. Feel free to catch a few winks to stay fresh and alert when you land without getting that horrid crick in your neck. Don't spend the money on those big support one has those. This travel pillow by BCOZZY will do you just fine and either fit in your bag or snap onto your handle.

6. Collapsible Water Bottle

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Stay fresh and keep your skin healthy by drinking lots of water. Save the environment by not buying plastic water bottles and opt for this bottle by que instead. When empty or not completely full, it can collapse into a smaller bottle to take up less space. Plus, it looks cool!

7. Pen

You never know. Make sure you always have a pen with you just in case. Need to fill out a customs form or even work on a crossword puzzle to pass the time? Use your own pen. This 3-in-1 pen by WizGear fits the bill and then some. It's a pen, a stylus, and a light all in one. When you're needing to shine a line down near your feet because you dropped your earbud, you'll be glad you have it.

8. Portable Charger

Cannot stress enough how vital it is to have a good portable charger with you when you travel. It can be a game changer when things go wrong. Be ready to shoot that video or take that FaceTime because your phone is charged. Anker makes a solid charger that is compact, fast to re-charge, and doesn't cost a ton. Leave behind the freebie charger you got at the last conference...invest in a good one. You'll notice the difference.

9. Power Food

Tight plane transfer? Did you sleep through the snack offering on the plane? Headed straight to the event from the airport? Don't neglect your tummy and the nutrition you need to keep you going. Throw a few KIND bars in your bag to enjoy a healthy snack when you need it. Purchase this variety pack and you're good to go! Plus, KIND is one of several brands giving back to the LGBTQ community during Pride.


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