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Saturday, June 1, 2024

7:00 - 10:30pm

Silver Spring Civic Center

Discover Pride Prom

Every year planning gets underway in January for Montgomery County, Maryland's Pride Prom. Volunteers from the local MoCo community come together to host a prom for the LGBTQ+ high school and community college youth across MD, DC, and VA.


The event thrives off of community resources and donations to provide a spectacular evening for LGBTQ+ teens. Pride Prom is a not-for-profit event allowing students to proudly attend prom, dress however they are most comfortable, and dance - without fear - with whomever they choose ... as it should be.


Every student deserves to have their best time at prom.

Masquerade Costume

Photo by Jhoe Alecrim on Unsplash

Enjoy the Ball!

Students pay in advance for an affordably priced ticket to attend Pride Prom. Attendees are invited to wear whatever prom attire they feel most comfortable or in coordination with this year's prom theme, Mad Hatters Ball. Light food and refreshments are also provided at no cost.

And then they dance! A local DJ spins the tunes you want to hear on the dance floor. Pictures are taken, laughs are had, and memories are made - just like every other prom. Prom photographer will be Dave Asche 

Adult chaperones are on hand to always ensure a safe and appropriate environment for all to enjoy.

Consider volunteering?

Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash

Thank You Sponsors

We are so grateful to our sponsors of this year's MoCo Pride Prom who have graciously donated either money or resources, or both! Without your assistance, the elevated experience these kids deserve would not be possible. 

RYA Logo from MoCo Pride Center.png
Maryland Trans Unity white.png
Become a Sponsor

Although some money is collected through ticket sales, the MoCo Pride Prom does not happen without generous sponsors. Monetary donations are accepted, but there are many ways resources and time can be donated.


Contact committee Chair, Janine Rauscher to find out how:

Photo by Seyi Ariyo on Unsplash

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